The "Discover HIIT" workout is divided into three specific components carefully sequenced over 60 minutes. The session is comprised of indoor rowing, variable cardio exercise drills and free-motion functional resistance training. During the 60 minute session, the intervals are designed to push your heart rate to produce 12 to 20 minutes of training at 85% or higher of your maximum heart rate. By combining elements of strength training, functional fitness and cardiovascular exercise in one session, you will be leveraging your time and effort at the gym. This HIIT program is designed to produce an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout.All fitness levels are welcome! Unlike our competitors, who boast 24 or more individuals per class (a high risk for injury), you can expect from Discover Fitness a safe, personalized workout experience in small teams of just 4-8 strictly supervise members. Focused attention provides focused results for you.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class so that we are able to prepare you for your Discover HIIT experience.


Member 10 sessions: $120
Non-Member 10 sessions: $200
Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart rate sensor: $79


Our Yoga classes are designed to place an emphasis on developing and improving, balance, flexibility, and core strength. While also focusing on breath control and posture. Mindfulness and listening to the body are encouraged throughout the class.



Our Core/Stretch class is design to target and strengthen core muscles with a compliment of stretching to lengthen the body. Proper breathing and form will be encouraged throughout the class.


After School Fitness Program

Ages 9-13 :
This program will focus on general physical preparation. Jumping, carrying, squatting. With an emphasis on core strength and stability while learning how to control their bodies under stress. Teaching of fundamentals of exercise technique. All levels of athletes will benefit from this program.

Ages 14-18:
This strength training program will focus on developing explosive movements that benefit all levels of athletes. Squatting, pulling from the floor while developing shoulder and core stability along with total body strength. Perfect form on all exercises will be emphasized.


Member 10 sessions: $150
Member Pay As You Go: $20