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John Hoffman
Member since: 2008
Empathy fuels client success

Discover fitness is not your run of the mill gym. At Discover Fitness, all teammates and trainers really care about their clients. They identify with their client successes and have a personal stake in clients reaching their goals. Empathy fuels client success and client success breeds commitment and achievement

Molly Kiesel
Member since: 2008
#1 in Western NY

My experience at Discover Fitness has been great. I love the cleanliness of the gym and I love the people at the gym. They care about me and help me maintain my goals, both nutrition wise and weight wise. They are super encouraging and outstanding in knowledge of food and fitness. In my opinion, I would rate them # 1 in Western NY. I just love it at Discover Fitness! They rock!

Leo Pusateri
Member since: 2008
It's a Family!

I always feel like I am going to work out with family and friends when I go to Discover Fitness.  That’s the culture that Bob and Janet Gosch and their unbelievable staff have created…from my perspective, that is truly unique.

Judy Kreifeldt
Member since: 2008
I wouldn't trade Discover for any gym out there

This is my third year at Discover Fitness. I have been a member of several gyms in the past and not one could even come close to Discover Fitness. I work with two different trainers who are awesome. That could be said about any of the fitness people who work there. The classes are well run and there are a variety of them. The gym is always clean and well kept regarding the fitness equipment. I am in the best shape of my life and would not trade this gym for any other out there. There is always a lot going on at Discover Fitness, with new fitness ideas added all the time. I love it and will continue to use their great facilities.

Linda Weiss
Member since: 2008
Discover is different

I only had to step into Discover Fitness to see that it is different from other gyms. This club is an outstanding facility with something for everyone, no matter what your current level of fitness may be.  Bob and the staff is friendly, courteous, helpful and very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of total fitness and are truly invested in your personal success. I encourage everyone to visit the facility and see what it can offer you.

Steve Harvey, Ph.D.
Member since: 2008
I lost over 30 lbs.

I joined Discover Fitness in November, 2011 and by Spring, 2012, I had lost over 30 lbs. and was in the best shape I had been in, in over 15 years! I felt great, it enhanced my performance at work, and I was happier. My wife Katie, who joined before I did, looked incredible and was enjoying life more fully like I am now.  Bottom line, Discover Fitness is the kind of gym where you feel welcomed, encouraged, and you will see results.  I highly encourage anyone who wants to get a "lift" in their life to come and see for yourself why Discover Fitness is a life changing experience. I absolutely love my gym!

Tim Krantz
Member since: 2008
From flab to fab!

I joined Discover Fitness one year ago this month and in that time I have noticed my body transform from flab to fab. The training staff is beyond compare. I love their no nonsense approach. The small group training sessions are top notch. Thank you, Discover Fitness!

Christa Hobart
Member since: 2008
I finally found the gym I was looking for

I like to think of myself as somewhat of a Gym Rat. I have been a member at various gyms for over 25 years.  When I joined Discover Fitness in 2009, I felt like I'd finally found the gym that I had always been looking for.  Discover Fitness has not only all the equipment I need to get a complete workout, a spotless facility and friendly staff, and a variety of classes that help to mix up my routine.  However, the best part of Discover Fitness are the personal trainers.  I've been working out with a Trainer since I joined and I LOVE it.  Not only is my trainer extremely knowledgeable, he goes the extra mile to make sure I reach my personal goals, no matter how big or small.  Discover Fitness is the perfect gym for me.

Phil Nanula
Member since: 2008
The trainers and diet suggestions are a big part of this success

I have been working out at Discover Fitness for three years and have found it to be very beneficial. I lost 35 pounds in the first four months and have been able to maintain my current weight since then. The trainers and diet suggestions are a big part of this success. I recently had my right hip replaced and am using Discover Fitness to aid me in my recovery. I would recommend it to anyone willing to make a commitment to improve there overall health.

Michael Grace
Member since: 2008
Helps my golf game!

At 51, I use the core training technology to enhance my strength and balance. This program continues to help my golf game and overall fitness. The great people and clean facility is a bonus.

Kristin E. Finn, Ph.D.
Member since: 2008
The nutrition counseling and knowledge at Discover is something that sets it apart

When I joined Discover Fitness a year ago I was not looking to lose a lot of weight, but rather to tone myself and feel more fit.  I thought the largest factor in this was how much one exercised.  After a year, I now realize the importance of nutrition as well as exercise.  I think the nutrition counseling and knowledge at Discover is something that sets it apart from other fitness facilities.  I love being able to ask the trainers (Joey in particular) questions about diet and knowing I will get an informed answer.  This knowledge is empowering.  Even with injuries, one can stay healthy and on track by being smart about nutrition while modifying exercise.  I had a general sense of healthy eating before coming to Discover Fitness, but I feel much more informed now and this is entirely because of Joey.  This knowledge makes fitness a science, not a guessing game about why we gain weight or become unfit.  If you understand the formula and how the body works (i.e., what proper nutrition really is), how to get in shape is no longer a mystery.

Paul Banas
Member since: 2008
One of the best decisions I've ever made

I have been a member of Discover Fitness since they opened about 5 years ago. I was a member of another gym for about 10 years. I am very happy with the staff and the membership. I have taken advantage of the Pilates and the yoga instruction, and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel very comfortable with the amenities, and the level of attention. The most important thing however, is that Bob Gosch is always tweaking the experience. It is very important to never stand on your laurels, always strive to improve, and listen to your customers.